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Goa Guide – Review before Goa Tour

17 Mar

Goa is the area of wonderful, eye-catching, seashores location. The large fantastic expand that blends with the pink water of Sea. The magnificent beaches in Goa not only place to check out but suitable for sun shine and seaside events. The seashores always have to provide a new shock to her guests, so the vacationer viewing Goa never gets monotonic. One seaside varies from the next one due to their exclusive features. Every new period in Goa embraces her vacationer with refreshing thoughts that becomes the real key resource of leisure.

 Lazy days in Goa was created with one objective – to offer guests to be able to experience ‘Our Goa’, the Goa that prevails away from the goa luxury hotel, the Goa of hidden seashores, elaborate gatherings, scenery of paddy job areas and water Zoysia – a life sides away from the one they know, slowly, good, comfortable and comforting.

Our Three star hotel and resort’s dining facilities include family suite, spa package, presidential suits well furnished rooms make your stay memorable. We offer best deals for resort in north Goa and cater to the need of every kind of leisure as well as business travelers.  If you are looking for a relaxed, environmental, extremely personal vacation resort or something a little different then phase within for the best Goa has to provide.

We wish you discover a resort that fits your vacation demands and motivates you to check out Sukhmantra – you will not be dissatisfied. The most essential is the large range that these seashores provide. It’s not only provide water- nurturing person the opportunity to savor the day, one who want to have convenience can quickly lay back on the seaside bed frames and have fen and relish the sun and the relaxing sea air flow.

We came on vacation and dropped in really like with Goa, but as opposed to most other vacation romances ours has ongoing and Goa is now our house. Goa is kilometers away from hums and percussion of fast paced town. So it calms thoughts and simply leaves serenity and quality absolutely.

The ‘shopaholic’ will never go clear passed as the local crafts have huge assortment to offer. The seaside area wait gives the chance to vacationer to enjoy the seaside and shopping area by area.  The fantastic seashores are ideal for the sea washing, sun-tan and water-sports. The wind-gliding, water scooter, surfing, going consumes the front position of preference. The following seashores are the most typical and unique. The gleaming seashores attract thousands of vacationers every year. Goa seashores not only have home charm but these fantastic extends are very typical around the world also.

Sukhmantra.com is a database of online resort booking in goa and also a guide to make your vacation memorable. We independently observe all our attributes which are all well handled and completely outfitted. We have provided those little components too from pest designs to relaxed bed linen, sleek pillows and freezing lighting high class bed web page to sun loungers, along with to corkscrews all to make your stay as nonproductive as possible. For a provided pressing of high class a car complete with your very own car proprietor is provided with selected resort.


Visiting Goa, India Stay in Sukhmantra

17 Mar

Hotel in North Goa provided you five stars deluxe resort is settled among the untidy green and at the far adjoin of Miramar Beach. The private area,   service, fine dining goes through and services makes it one of the most desired after Goa luxury hotel. Accommodation in Goa Marriot Resort is the indoor of the apartment sound of quality and classify. Some of the rooms overlook the huge sea though others face the swimming pool. WI fi connectivity and mini bar are joint to all the rooms. Some of the in room services offered in the living hours of the hotel i.e. mini bar, data port, cable TV, safe deposited boxes etc.
Hotel and Resort in Goa provide offer first class services, comfortable accommodation to befit all pockets, a collection of restaurants, family friendly vacation acts, taxi services, airport pickup and drops, and all-Goa guided  on tours. Resorts are like a home aside from home, with trained, friendly staff that represents the famous hospitality of Goa, international cuisine. We highly recommend genuine Goa cuisine and cooked sea foods in the hotel. Spa hotels in Goa have become very popular over the last few years.

Many tourists from other parts of the country and the world come to Goa to know the perfectly deluxe spa remedy offers by spa hotels. Spa hotels in Goa offer all kinds of spa treatments that are perfect for rest and winding off of body, mind and individual. Spa in Goa cure are real advantageous as they help to rejuvenate and revitalize the body parts thereby appearing you feel more energetic, healthy and spirited.
 If you wish to get more info on spa hotels in Goa, you can go through the following list Sere no Spa offers holistic massage treatments and a agree of specific  therapies inspired by Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions, designed to restore, refresh and revitalize. A serene sanctuary for the senses, our luxury spa in Goa offers personalized body and facial treatments with spa accumulation and fitness programs to encourage wellness.

The Presidential Suite at The Leela Goa is bigger than most country houses in Goa. Not surprisingly, this country houses features a master bedroom, two adding bedrooms, a living room, a dining room with a kitchenette we will advice you don’t wast your time and booking resort in Goa. Super-classified marbled bathrooms begin double pride shelf, sunken baths, and apart showers. Extended over an area of 2428 sq ft are the best accommodation in Goa, the Presidential Suites at Sukhmantra Hotel Goa are perfect when it arrives  to loving life in the swish of luxury or may be over a little get away from work. Presidential Suites are commodious air-conditioned two bedroom suites with apart dining area, a powder room, a kitchenette (including microwave oven and refrigerator) with personal author activities, both rooms with a part shower cubicle, and current discussion services seeing data harbors with grade accelerate   modem cables.


17 Mar

Goa existed the administrative plus spiritual cultivating capital from the Portuguese Asiatic monarchy. Situated on the west of India. Goa had been an important area of Indian Ocean trade under the sultan of Bijapur well before the arrival of the Portuguese.
 Location of goa- The smallest state of India, Goa is situated on the Western coast of the Indian earth. The location of Goa is such that it contributes its borders with Maharashtra for the north and Karnataka in the south. The powerful   Arabian Sea mighty to its west. The geographical location of Goa is amongst 15°48’00” North to 14°53’54” North Latitude and 74° 20’13” East to 73° 40’33” East Longitudes. Due its placed near the sea, online resort booking in goa because it has maritime climate which makes it the exact complete for a holidays. The location of Goa is much that the Western Ghats wing it on the coast. The Western Ghats exit the perfect location for the wildlife area and specify the perfect getaway for universe supporters to time with universe. The beaches are the virtually democratic escape for holidaymaker and the water features allowed present are an impact between locals and holidaymakers.

Climates-Goa features an equatorial rainy season climate below the environment condition assortment. Goa existing in the tropical partition and almost the Arabian Sea has a hot and humid environment condition towards almost of the year. The time period of May is the hottest, viewing day temperatures of throughout 35 °C (95 °F) linked with high humidity. The monsoon rains come by early June and allow for a much required relief from the heat. Goa has a light winter season between mid-December and February. These months are noticed by nights of around 21 °C (68 °F) and days of around 28 °C (84 °F) with reasonable amounts of humidity. Due to altitudinal step, the nights are a few degrees cooler.

Resort information- Goa resort and spa booking are famous for its scenic glory. Beach Resorts are best residence in Goa for the honeymoon couples, who want a natural sea scene with some privacy. These Beach Resorts allow for you with all facilities including sightseeing and many more. Resort in north goa if you want to enjoy the true essence of Goa we advise you to plan in Marriot Hotel in north Goa.

Goa Trips Mean Have A Lots of Fun

17 Mar

A paradise for tourists, Goa is the eternal land of sun, sand and sea. Goa is entirely defined by blue seas bounded by swaying coconut palms and stalls selling great seafood and a range of trinkets. Of course, Goa is much more than lazing on the beaches so why not booking resort in Goa.

The entire region of Goa is dotted with numerous interesting attractions, including heritage homes, churches, temples and forts. Some of the most important beaches of Goa include the Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach with its Flea Market and full moon beach parties, Calagute Beach with its range of watersport activities, Miramar and Dona Paula, Bogmallo Beach and Colva Beach and also enjoy resort and spa in Goa.


The main city of Panjim is an important area of Goa, not only because it is the capital, but because Panjim is actually the base for exploring other regions you can enjoy Spa in Goa here. Panjim is known for its cultural centre Fontainhas and the pure white Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church.

Among Goa’s forts, the most famous of the Fort Aguada, which is located at a vantage point overlooking the Aguada Bay and Mandovi River. Also visit the several smaller areas of Goa, including Mapusa and Margao, which have their own distinct lives and lifestyles. Visit Goa during the annual Carnival and Christmas and New Year celebrations, when the entire area is full of tourists from all over the world. With so many attractions, a holiday in Goa is definitely a great experience.

In addition, Panjim is also the best place to indulge in shopping for sea-shell items, cashewnuts and the locally produced drink, Feni. Among Goa’s churches, the most renowned is the Bascilica of Bom Jesus, which houses relics of Saint Francis Xavier. Also check out the Hotel in North Goa, which is made of red and white stone. Equally important is the Mangueshi Temple in Priol, Goa.

Go Goa on Holiday and Fell in Love

17 Mar

We came on holiday and fell in love with Goa, but unlike most other holiday romances ours has continued and Goa is now our home.

Lazydays in Goa was conceived with one purpose – to offer visitors the opportunity to experience “our Goa”, the Goa that exists away from the hotel and resort in goa, the Goa of secluded beaches, flamboyant festivals, landscapes of paddy fields and water buffalo – a life worlds away from the one they know, slow, harmonious, relaxed and relaxing.

Over the past thirteen years we have slowly and steadily amassed a hand picked selection of both goa luxury hotel and beachside properties ranging from traditional houses in sleepy coastal villages to highly individual villas each with their own charm and appeal. From one bedroom apartments in a breathtaking location to a magnificent five bedroom villa on a private estate, we have something for everyone.

Our website is not simply a database of goa resort and spa booking, we personally supervise all our properties which are all well maintained and comfortably furnished. We have added those little extras too – from mosquito machines to comfy mattresses, soft pillows and snowy white luxury bed linen to sunloungers, candles to corkscrews – all to make your stay as lazy as possible. For an added touch of luxury a car complete with your very own driver is provided with selected villas.

If you are looking for a comfortable, atmospheric, highly individual holiday home or something a little different then step inside for the best Goa has to offer.

We hope you find a property that meets your holiday requirements and inspires you to visit Goa – you will not be disappointed.

Goa – The Land of Beautiful, Attractive and Beaches

17 Mar

Goa is the land of beautiful, attractive, beaches. The wide golden stretch that mixes with the blue water of Arabian Sea. The gorgeous Beaches in Goa not only place to visit but ideal for sun bathing and beach parties. One beach differs from the next one due to their unique characteristics. The beaches always have to offer a new surprise to her visitors, so the tourist visiting Goa never gets monotonic. Every new season in Goa welcomes online resort booking in goa with a fresh mind that becomes the true key source of relaxation.

 The most important is the variety that these beaches offer. Its not only give the water- loving person the scope to enjoy the day, one who want to have ease can easily lay back on the beach beds and have feni and enjoy the sun and the soothing sea breeze. Goa is miles away from hums and drums of busy city. So it relaxes mind and leaves peace and freshness completely.

The Goa will never go empty handed as the local Resort reservation goa have great variety to offer. The beach side stall gives the chance to tourist to enjoy the beach and shopping side by side.

The golden beaches are ideal for the sea bathing, sun-tan and water-sports. The wind-gliding, water scoter, snorkeling, scuba diving occupies the front position of preference. The following beaches are the most common and unique. The glittering beaches attract thousands of tourists every year. Goa beaches not only have domestic appeal but these golden stretches are very common internationally also.

Where to Stay in Goa?

16 Feb

Sukhmantra discover a coastal paradise in north goa. Mile after mile of unspoilt beaches in Goa fringed by exotic palm trees and lapped by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. By day its sun, sea and surf and by night its fun, fish and feni. Sukhmantra and experience a whole new world of comfort and luxury resort in Goa that we have featured on sukhmantra.Com. You are assured of the best service of goa resort and most competitive pricing on the Hotel in Goa that are featured on our website.

Our Holiday Packages offer best deals for your perfect vacation, where you can relax in a lovely Beach Resort in Goa. You can Sunbathe, build sandcastles, or dance at a party on the beaches. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing and other water sports on the coast.

We create the romance and aura of a luxury boutique hotel while having the amenities and vibrant attractions of a resort.  True to the Sukhmantra, the resort epitomizes understated luxury and gracious service in an intimate sanctuary, offering guests an experience that is distinctively inspiring.

Our 3-star hotel’s Goan dining facilities include a revolutionary transition lounge, outdoor dining at our specialty barbeque restaurant and 24-hour in-room dining. With fully refurbished banqueting and conferencing spaces, celebrating your wedding day or organizing an important event is most convenient among three-star hotel in Goa. At our 3-star resort in Goa, we have embraced the dynamic — what remains constant is the legendary Goan spirit to serve that you have always loved. Discover extraordinary hospitality standards at the renewed Resort and Spa in Goa.

Our showcases a selection of exquisite hotel and superlative culinary experiences, a nice swimming pools in Sukhmantra, picturesque function spaces and a rooms for younger guests. Our features budget resort in Goa for those travelling on a budget, 3 Star Goa Hotels and Resorts for those looking at value for money.

Have an unforgettable holiday, with our holiday packages. We offer you a great vacation at a great price. Stay at the best beach hotels and have a memorable holiday. With its dramatic architecture, Sukhmantra Goa Resort and Spa is conceptualized as a charming rooms and suites in Goa, each offering a surreal spa-inspired bathing experience.